Solar Panel Cleaning

Due to our wet Scottish climate and positioning for optimum light exposure, solar panels are far more prone to algae growth, with algae forming 10 times quicker than on windows. This, coupled with the effect of pollution, dust, leaves and even bird droppings contribute to your solar panels losing efficiency. Losses may be as high as 30% on panels that are not sufficiently cleaned. Dirty panels can be one of the biggest factors that affect how much electricity will be produced, but the easiest to fix!

At Industrial Services we understand that having optimal solar panels providing efficient, green energy is extremely important to our clients, which is why we provide a top quality cleaning service that ensures 100% satisfaction.

We are a fully insured company specializing in pure water cleaning of Solar Panels. We use the latest equipment and techniques to reach all panels up to 70ft at any angle. Our water is available to be ph tested for local councils.

For more information on our solar panel cleaning services please don’t hesitate to contact us.